Radio Diablito Now in English

Well, it gives me an enormous pleasure to announce you that today' we begin a new stage, and this it is now in English,because there are a lot of people of other countries that visit us as well as that listen to us, that which me full with pleasure.
I wait that this like you and all that we make and they visit us. little by little we will go making but big the blog in English, so we request them some patience as well as we grant our biggest gratefulness.
greetings to all.



This second semester of the year, here in Mexico, is full of concerts of legendary bands of metal and various of his subgeneres.
This time is time to presen aextraodinary band, a band that is precusror of diverse styles of actual metal.

they are Heaven & Hell: Ronnie james dio, tommy iomy, geezer butler and vinny apice.

They are the second allineation of Black Sabbath. Heaven and hell really is the name of the first disc of black sabbath whith this members althought Tommy Iomy and Geezer Butler are original members of Black Sabbath in the Ozzy Osburne's era.

In august we can see this fabulous band.
i tell you that maybe in 2008 the original members of Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osburne, Tommy Iomy, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward) can be on world tour.

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